Heorot Hall

There are four main sections in our Hall: Garden and Kitchen are fairly thin on content right now but will be expanded as material becomes available. The Solar was where medieval ladies sat and did their various spinning, weaving, sewing and embroidery and has some pictures and details about these crafts. The Wardrobe pages have all of Simone's costume pictures and information, mostly mid 15th and mid 16th centuries.


Nick and Simone are both active SCA members in the Barony of Southron Gaard, in the Kingdom of Lochac which in the real world is the South Island of New Zealand.

First a little about us...

Eleanora van den Bogaerde

Eleanora van den BogaerdeEleanora is the daughter of a moderately well-off Dutch nobleman Jan van den Bogaerde. She was born in 1434 at the castle Muiderslot. She is a widow, her husband met his end at sea on his way to England for a tournament. Her brother Peiter is also a keen tourneyer and spends most of his time at the court of the Count of Charolais, heir of the Duke of Burgundy.

Eleanora spends her time managing her father's estate as neither father nor brother seem particularly interested. She enjoys needlework, weaving, spinning and dyeing, she cooks when necessary and enjoys having her neighbours over for feasts. Every now and then she sneaks into one of her brother's old armours and practices with the castle guards.

Panther passant Sable incensed Proper spotted of various tincturesEleanora is a Companion of both the Order of the Pelican (23 March 1996) and the Order of the Laurel (4 February 2006) and had the honour of being founding Baroness of the Barony of Southron Gaard (23 March 1996).

Her arms are Argent fretty Gules, a panther passant Sable incensed Proper spotted of various tinctures, on a chief Sable 3 crescents Argent and she has the panther as a badge.

Sigurd Hardrada

Sigurd, July 2007Sigurd is a Norseman living near the end of the tenth century. He considers himself to be a peaceful trader but nevertheless is handy with his sword. Recently he has been trading in high quality weaponry and jewellery. He has a fondness for silk which he buys in Miklegaard and is renowned for his baggy pants, skill as a smith and business acumen.

Sigurd is a Knight of the SCA ( July 2007) and a Companion of the Order of the Laurel (23 March 1996) for his skill with blade smithing and as an armourer and had the honour of being founding Baron of the Barony of Southron Gaard.

His arms are Per pale gules and argent, three boars rampant regaurdant counterchanged.