Medieval Hats and Headwear

Elizabethan coif

Emroidered coifMy most recent piece of embroidery is this embroidered and beaded coif that I made as a gift for her Excellency Baroness Chretienne. It was originally just going to be a gift, maybe for 12th night but as things worked out I was able to present it to her on her stepping down as Baroness of Southron Gaard at Canterbury Faire, February 2005.

Its embroidered all over with Harrington knots, Chretienne's device, in a very dark blue cotton and then the gaps in between are filled with stylised carnations or pinks - which are enhanced with clear glass beads. Its a period design taken from the Carolingian Modelbook - a fantastic source for 16th century counted embroidery designs.

French Hood

French HoodThis was made as a part of the Costume Classroom course in Elizabethan costume that I did in 2003 and as most materials were supplied I can't claim much credit for it but you can find out a bit more about it here.

The materials for the paste for a french hood were supplied with three different patterns. I went for the 1560s pattern as by now I was deciding that the 1560s - 1570s suited me best and goes with most of my garb.

The hood is black taffeta and I went out and bought 30 metal beads which I alternated with pearls to make a billiament at the back. The front billament uses the same pearls but smaller gold filigree beads which allow the pearls to dominate a bit. The veil is black satin which is simply caught with a few stitches at the back of the neck. Between the stiffness of the wired rims and the cloth at the back of the neck it is very secure. I want to finish it off properly some time with the narrow pleated band that seems to sit in front of most of them.

Peaked Hat

Just for fun I have made this wee Flash demo about how to make a simple peaked hat a la Robin Hood.