German Loose Kirtle

This loose kirtle based closely on the one in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion pg. 44, 109-10.

Black Kirtle Front Black Kirtle Back

The kirtle is made of linen - the original is lined with linen but has an outer layer of silk. It has been stiffened around the hemline and can be worn with or without a farthingale (as shown above without). Until I have a suitable loose gown to wear with it I have been wearing it with a doublet and skirt.

This is the braid used around the base of the kirtleIt is faced with black satin with tiny quatrefoils of gold and light brown that covers all of the sleeves and a panel up the front: all the areas normally exposed when worn with a loose gown. Two wide bands of black trim run parallel to the ground with gold, green and red accents.

Kirtle Sleeve - this piece illustrates both the braid used on the sleeves and the patterned fabric usedThe sleeves are laced on through the top half of the armscye through sewn eyelet holes with finger-looped braid that end with aglets. Some 30 eyelets (each side) and more finger-loop braid provide entry at the back. Like the original the neck is high and finished with satin bias tape. The sleeves have two lines of store-bought gold and black trim around the wrist and another strip up the length of the arm.

Update: I made the loose gown that goes with this kirtle to wear to Ildhavn's elevation to Barony in June 2003 - see details on the Loose gown page.